Tips For A Perfect First Date With Someone You Met Online

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First impressions, many times, may not be what we thought. If we think of a first blind date, the first impression almost always focuses on the physical and acting of the person. However, this is not the only factor that influences when it comes to meeting a person and, of course, it is not the most important either.

Safety and prudence above all

When you meet someone online, you expose yourself to many things; one is not knowing who is really behind the screen. To avoid that, the person you have met is not the same person you have been talking to; try to have a video call beforehand or see you in some way, either by Skype or Facetime, before the appointment. Photographs may give you a distorted image, but the live image does not lie. You must have the possibility of hearing his voice; it is fundamental in seduction.


Let someone close to you know when, where, and with whom you will meet. You can choose a friend, a friend, or a relative; the important thing is that it is someone to whom you can trust all the data for your safety. Remember that the person you met online does not stop being a stranger until after the first face-to-face date.

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Choose a known place.

Preferably a public place, no matter how confident you have in your cyber date, it does not hurt to take all the precautions, just in case.

What should I choose?

You can schedule a short appointment, a coffee in a nice place is quite suitable. If the situation is flowing, you like it, and you decide to continue with the appointment, you can do it right there or somewhere else. But if the thing does not prosper, it is better to be short and simple than long and uncomfortable.

Have a plan

Ideally, painters Austin believes you should schedule an appointment that includes dynamic activities: go to the fair, have a drink, go for a walk. This type of appointment will ensure you have topics and rhythm of conversation since you will find yourself busy enough not to fall into the boring and classic awkward moments of the first dates.

Do not plant

It usually happens that we regret at the last minute or that perhaps the person you are seeing enter the place is different from the one you imagined. On occasions like this, we must be adults and go to the planned appointment with whom you established a bond online. It doesn’t hurt to be respectful.

Forget electronic devices

Even though it was a technology that brought you together, now is the time to give way to reality.

Spend time on this experience of contacting this person that you wanted to meet so much, although, this time, without technology.